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South Beach - Day Two
I forgot to post this yesterday! Oops. >.<

"The best meal frequency is the one that works with your schedule and hunger patterns so that you are most likely to stick with the plan (and not overeat). This optimal meal frequency will vary from person to person depending on appetite, lifestyle, etc." - Probably the most sensible thing I've read all day.

Yesterday at work, I read this fantastic article on Cracked. Item number five has a humorous commentary on weight loss advise, and how the unsolicited advice often comes from those who a) aren't dieting but have heard about diets so they know what you've got to do, b) have tried your diet and it didn't work for them, or tried another diet that did and assume it'll work for you, or c) are overweight themselves, in which case, if the tips worked, why don't they use them?

Case in point when I get home from work to be subjected to concerned advice that I eat 6 small meals a day (I prefer 3 large ones), because every diet my roommate (who herself wants to loose some weight, but isn't dieting) has ever read about suggests it. Because, you know, it'll boost my metabolism, and really jump start weight loss, and big meals aren't good for you, etc. etc.

Some fantastic research today has left me feeling vindicated for my "unhealthy" choice to eat three substancial meals a day. Basically, 6 meals a day is bullshit. You need to eat meals of sizes you prefer as frequently as you need to be satiated, regardless of how often that is or how small the meals are for you (my mother prefers 4 meals. I'm happy with 3). Whatever you need to be happy with what you're doing, and to stick to your diet. Take that, concerned roommate! For those interested, here are a few of the articles and studies I found:

Taken from an academically written blog by a nutrition expert/personal trainer, examining some of the myths surrounding meal frequency suggestions
Another great blog written by someone who's done their research, and references it

That said, today is easier than yesterday, all ready. I think it's because I've got better sized portions. I downed a large glass of no-sugar added Instant Breakfast this morning (delicious - cheating a little, as it's got a few grams of carbs, but nothing significant - it's basically chocolate milk with extra protein and vitamins). Salad again for lunch today, but this time double the size, with added strips of steak leftover from last night. Something fantastic will happen for dinner, I have ideas!

Dinner time....
Dinner became less fantastic then planned. We went to see Inception at the dollar theater (omg amazing, I need to watch it at least thrice more!), and when we got back, it was super late. I ended up cooking an entire zucchini in medallions and smothered the top with parmesan cheese. It was amazingly delicious. More riccotta for desert. Also had some lunch meat cold cut snacks throughout the day, yummy!

More eBay, yay
I'm kind of bummed that Electra didn't sell. I'm not willing to sell her for a lower price - I'm barely making up for materials at this point. But all the same, I'd like her to sell. Maybe in a few weeks, the time will be right. Hum.

Anywho, I've got two new auctions up. Take a look if you like! They're for a wig and a wig/tail set. Cross-posted to the CCDB and fursuitauction.

CATS-musical fanmade black and grey wig, 1size fits most!
This auction is for a Munkustrap wig that I made for Halloween. It was worn out once and is virtually new. Starting bid is $45, free shipping. A new wig would be $110, plus shipping.

CATS-musical fanmade wig and tail, one size fits most
This auction is for a Mungojerrie wig and tail (the tail that didn't sell on its own last week) that I made for Halloween. It was worn out once and is virtually new. The starting bid is $55, with free shipping. New, these pieces would cost $110 ad $48, plus shipping, so at least $165. Jump on it!

Also, the Electra costume didn't sell, so if anyone's interested in purchasing her outside of eBay, let me know. I'd love for her to go to a good home.

Daisy Planning - Advice?
This has been cross-posted to the fursuit community, but in case any of you don't watch that, I'd love to hear what you have to say!


So I've been planning a Platypus suit (right now, her name is Daisy, but that may change), and after browsing through the obviously relevant memories and drawing several concept sketches, I have questions. I'd love advice specifically from those who've made fursuits before, as I can conceptualize with the best of 'em but I don't have any applied knowledge (yet).

And please excuse my rambling. I'm new, so I'm trying to piece together the hundreds of ideas that I've read, and consequently am having trouble choosing!

Click here to see my photobucket album with full-size concept art and a few choice platypus photographs

Questions and several more concept sketches under the cut - help, please?Collapse )

Fat Platypus
I think I am insane a bit after finishing this. It took three days using pretty much all my free time to sketch, outline, color, scan, and edit so very many many platypusses. O.x Eeep. BUT, they are finished, and I've got a new set of LJ moods that I'm super proud of. There are 28 little critters spanning a range of moods and sentiments, and they are just plain cute!

Original Artwork 1
Original Artwork 2
Original Artwork 3

Emoticon Set!
I was doodling tiny platypusses in class last night, and have decided that I'd like to make my own LJ emoticon set. They will be cute, and they will receive much love, and they are not done but I'd like to share my progress with you!

Daisy body concept
I plan on filling in a few more sets of this makeshift pattern to play around with colors and patterns, but here's my first brainchild for Daisy's body. Right now she's got red undertones, though I may dull down the browns a bit. I'm also not sold yet on the level of contrast between the front and the rest of the body, I may fill that in with brown and save the cream for highlights on the forearms and beneath the eyes, or maybe just shrink it's area to a fade coming from the bottom of the bill?

As for the hands, I'm starting to think I might look for some black or brown leather gloves and alter those.... leather, suede, or maybe even something crushed-velvet-y. I don't think I'm experienced enough to construct the gloves, but I'm absolutely confident in my ability to alter their color and design to add highlight, shadow, and webbing. The claws on the fingers will likely encase the first half of each finger, limiting dexterity but giving that single-knuckle platypus look.

No more coloring tonight....work at 5.30am. Blah. =(

I so want to make a Platypus fursuit. And it will be the best platypus there was, and I am excited! And I think I might call her Daisy, but I'm not 100% sold on it yet.

I think I will sketch some more tonight and hopefully do something full-body ish with color, but I've got two bust shots in greyscale that I'm eager to share. It's really just concept art yet, I haven't done any of the necessary technical planning, such as vision, etc. I want her to be that toony/realistic mix, and perhaps with an articulated jaw, if I can figure it out - that part worries me, I can't quite wrap my brain around it yet, but I figure once I start fiddling with materials it'll be come clearer. I'm hoping it's the same for furring. *crosses fingers*

Anywho.... I know she looks kind of duck-ish, but no, really, she's a Platypus!!

A Day in my Life - 19 May, 2009
See my Tuesday in 69 pictures behind the cut (not for the squeamishly slow internet users!)

My name is Ashley. I am a 21 year old college student living in Orlando, FL, and Tuesday was my day off from working at my new job.

Oh my goodness it's morning.

The part after you open your eyesCollapse )

On the Scale of Justice....
Life is a difficult thing to balance. I don't always get the proportions quite right.

Perhaps next time I'll figure out the right way to do things. Hum....

Also, convincing my brain to be content with what is, rather than getting anxious of what may or may not occur, is proving to be difficult. I hope to tame it eventually! *cracks whip*

Pointless Blather
I like a booooy! I like a boy, I like a boy, I like a boooooooy!


*end of message*